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"Safe Streets, Healthy Kids": The Art Xpress Mural Coming Together

Listen: Last week, we heard from the teen interns of Art Xpress and the tussle involved in conceptualizing and settling upon a slogan for their group mural. They arrived at “ Have you been inside the walls of an outsider ?” a message that will cover the side of an MCTS bus and travel all over the city. And that slogan will be working alongside a background of the interns’ art to deliver their carefully constructed work of art. Eighteen separate creative minds, coming together to produce one message.

In the second piece with the interns of Art Express, we take a look at a different part of their process — going from individual prints of their hands to a unified whole and then a finished piece: see podcast below.

Have your own first reaction to their mural — you can see their finished work here!

The interns have since returned their high schools and some are headed off to college — however, you can attend their unveiling event on Saturday, September 25th at the Cudahy Gardens/Milwaukee Art Museum — see their work come to life on the side of a MCTS bus! I know I’ll be there.

Produced by: Adam Carr