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Make A Difference | An Introduction To Our 2010 Campaign

Listen: August sprinted by, and before I even had a moment for a deep breath, here we are almost knee deep in September. So, because there will never be a shortage of characters and voices and good work going on in Milwaukee, we jump into the next initiative, stepping away from the shining voices of our youth to the determined voices of those Making A Difference in our community.

When we get caught up in the demands of our daily lives, it can be easy to lose touch with the very real problems outside of our immediate world. Getting involved and having an impact can sound like a demanding or exhausting proposition – who has the time or energy to take on the seemingly endless tangle of challenges out there? But when a spark of initiative leads to an individual creating change, there’s a brand new feeling; the load doesn’t seem so bad, and the reward becomes the work itself.

This fall, we’re stepping back and taking a moment to consider what it takes to Make A Difference. Throughout September and October, the 2010 Make A Difference Initiative will explore four different focuses – volunteering, mentoring, environment, and voting in the 2010 Midterm Election. We’ll meet those folks in our community who are making time, getting involved, and getting their hands dirty. These are our neighbors and friends who have found their motivation to create change in everything from the everyday to the exceptional.

And you don’t need to stop at listening – find a way to get yourself involved! Look for your own opportunities to volunteer, mentor, make an environmental impact, and certainly, make an informed decision in the rapidly approaching 2010 Fall General Election.