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"Make A Difference": 2010 Election | Project Respect and Barbara Moore

Listen: Identifying wrong can be easy — it doesn’t take an overly vigilant eye to find problems in our community. However, making tangible steps to gain a voice and solve that problem is a different proposition altogether. This move takes energy, will, and oftentimes, a catalyzing spark that forward moving inertia. I love this kind of problem solving.

At the top of the post, you’ll find what looks like a regular page of coupons that shows off some of the crown jewels of the Milwaukee County Park System. Participants in Project Respect’s neighborhood cleanup received these as a bonus for volunteering time to their annual neighborhood cleanup. That being said, it is the lower right corner, where you see the “Great American Cleanup” printed, that motivated Barbara Moore of Project Respect to kickoff a voter pledge drive this fall.

In all previous years of the event, a free pass to the Milwaukee County Parks pools pass occupied that space. However, this year Barbara was put in the unenviable spot of disappointing the youth who had helped during their neighborhood cleanup. Not one to back down, this election season, she’s taking matters into her own hands (scroll to the bottom for the audio piece).

If you took the time to listen to and read this post, you really need to go vote in the upcoming primary! See our  “Voting Made Even Easier”  election guide for answers to all your questions! Also, Project Respect is part of Wisconsin Voices —  read more about them here!

Produced by: Adam Carr