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"Make A Difference": Volunteering | Mary Hanson and the Milwaukee Film Festival

Listen: With the polls closed for the partisan primary (I hope you voted!), the Make A Difference campaign is taking a break from the election until late October and the run up to the November general (but don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open in the meantime!). For the next two weeks, we turn our focus to volunteering and mentoring, tapping into just a few of the rich and wide-ranging opportunities in the Milwaukee community. For these next two weeks, if you hear a story or an organization that peaks your interest, take that next step and get involved. And from a practical standpoint — the weather is just beginning to make being outdoors a less appealing option, so find a cause to connect with!

Batting leadoff — the Milwaukee Film Festival. As our city’s concert series and festivals go into hibernation, the good folks at Milwaukee Film give us a reason to celebrate the coming of Fall. For eleven days solid, from September 23rd (next Thursday) to October 3rd, they’re bringing first rate film to theaters in the Milwaukee area, and they are showing a boatload of films —  check out their schedule.

So how do they manage to pull off such a huge operation? Of course, they have a tireless and hardworking staff, but they also have an army of awesome volunteers. Listen to Mary Hanson, a veteran Milwaukee Film Festival volunteer, on her experiences with the festival (scroll to the bottom for the audio piece).

When the opportunity to conduct an interview in the basement of Jackalope Lounj came up, I had to take it — life is an adventure, right? And like I said in the piece, a piece involving film should involve a little setting.

Volunteer with Milwaukee Film! According to  a Milwaukee Film blog post from earlier today , they still have 600 volunteer shift spots open for the festival! Sign up now! Plus, if you do, you get free tickets to the festival, which is a sweet deal.

Produced by: Adam Carr