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"Make A Difference": Volunteering | Santa Barbara (Stein)!

Listen: In considering why folks have a hard time making the leap into volunteering, sometimes it’s not motivation that’s lacking but rather the forward moving inertia — seizing the day and then making commitments is not always the easiest. Barbara Stein, a woman who has been volunteering in the Milwaukee area for over fifty years, is Carpe Diem incarnate.

As we sat in her car (more on why were doing tomorrow!), Barbara glassed her long volunteering career and recalled with vivid detail the time she (a Jewish mother) became Santa Claus (scroll to the bottom for the audio piece).

In our interview, Barbara shared a number of different experiences, and in the end this is one of two I cherry-picked. Why? I love the lesson — you never know how a valuable and memorable experience will be dressed up. Of course, it might look exactly how you’d expect it to, but then again, it might be wearing a red velvet suit.

Produced by: Adam Carr