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Freebie | Complete Multi-Track Sessions of Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus

There is nothing really special about a band or an artist giving away an entire album for free. Radiohead pretty much did it with their 2007 release "In Rainbows at least you could pay for what you thought it was worth, but giving away an album is so 2007.  

The French band Phoenixdecided to up the ante on giving their fans free music.  They decided to give away the complete multi-track sessions of their huge album "Wolfgang Amadeus".  Basically, they are giving away every separate track (vocals, keys, guitars, etc) of every song from their album. The idea is that one can take these song elements and remake, mashup or remix a song or the complete album.   So go and grab the multi-track sessions and go have fun, and if you make something with it, let us know and we will post it on the site. If it is real good, you might here it on the radio. Better yet, why not create Milwaukee vs. Phoenix, where the tracks are remixed by Milwaukee producers, and DJs. (via Pitchfork)

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee