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"Make A Difference": Mentoring | Miguel with TRUE Skool

Listen: Back in February,  I took a trip to TRUE Skool as part of our Make Milwaukee campaign. It was my first time in their space and a wonderful introduction to what they do — I was overwhelmed by all the teens bustling around, making art, learning to DJ, and generally creating. I met a lot of young people on that trip, but there was one kid who definitely stood out. Miguel. Notably, he explained to me the Japanese influences on his art and so generously sung a snatch of the song “War” that acted as the intro to the audio piece I made for their Urban Arts Program.

When I went back to True Skool for a gallery night, this time for the Make A Difference campaign, the environment was almost identical. Buzzing. And again, I caught Miguel for an interview. This time, we had a much more in depth conversation, focusing on what he’s learned from the professional artists who have worked with him at True Skool (scroll to the bottom to hear the audio piece).

Want to get involved with TRUE Skool? Volunteer or donate!  Contact them and let them know that you want to connect . Also, you can see them in action at the this Friday’s MAM After Dark.  They’re putting on a full-on B-Boy Battle… a round robin break dancing tournament in Windhover Hall? What? That’s crazy and amazing!

Produced by: Adam Carr