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3 Films I Would Like To See In The Next Film Festival or Sooner

This year's Milwaukee Film Festival so far is simply amazing. So many flicks, so little time.  It got me thinking about films I would like to see in next year's film festival or sooner.  So I picked three films that I think would be great in the next Milwaukee Film Festival.  


The first film is a new silent film.  Yes you read correct a NEW SILENT FILM.  The film is called "Louis" directed by Dan Pritzker.   The film is re-imagining of the silent film and it pays homage to Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, beautiful women and the birth of American Music. The legendary Wynton Marsalis and company provide the musical accompaniment.


Next up is animated film called Chico and Rita directed by Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba. This beautifully animated film tells the story of a gifted songwriter and beautiful singer chasing their dreams and each other from Havana to New York and Las Vegas.

Finally, the next film is a documentary set in a prison.  The film is called " Music From The Big House" directed by Bruce McDonald.

Rita Chiarelli, an award-winning recording artist, has decided to take a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the blues—Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary a.k.a Angola Prison. She never imagined that her love of the blues would lead her to play with inmates serving life sentences for murder, rape and armed robbery.

In what was once the bloodiest prison in America, inmates relatives will be invited to listen alongside other prisoners, to hear remarkable voices singing stories of hope and redemption. Let yourself be swept away by one of Blues’ most soulful pilgrim daughters who is finding out if music really is an escape.

Music from the Big House from Cache Film & Television on Vimeo.