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Big Daddy Sample

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning here on 88NINE, we explore the world of sampling. Regardless of genre, era, or style, if the song uses a sample; we break the track down and connect the musical dots.

This week on 7 o'Clock Sample, we are looking for inspirational  tracks that fit into our Fall Membership Drive.

We know that many of you check up on the 7 O'Clock sample every Tuesday and Thursday to learn more about sample based music.  If you have found your self  discovering new tunes with 88NINE, please take a moment to contribute online.

Today we go back to 1989, for some Big Daddy Kane.

In 1989, BDK teamed up with Marley Marl, Prince Paul, Easy Mo Bee and even Teddy Riley to create some of the late 80s best hip hop tracks.  Including this one...



This song incorporates a few cool samples...

The main hook is from a disco classic by McFadden and Whitehead.



The drums that Prince Paul grabbed up for this track also come from the 1970s, but this ain't no disco track.

From the 1976 album FLY LIKE AN EAGLE, here is the Steve Miller Band's "Take The Money and Run."


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