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Listen To A Track from Mars Volta's Ikey Owens' Free Moral Agents

I always dug Mars Volta, however I did not know that their keyboardist Ikey Owens had a project called "Free Moral Agents" for the past few years.  I stumbled across a track from their latest album called "Control This" on Chocolate Industries via the blog Some Kind of Awesome.  All I have to say damn.  So I did some research and started to listening to the album, and I am completely blown away. The funny story the album is not really that new. It was actually recorded 4 years ago, and now it is seeing the light of day.  The album is a mix of punk, afrobeat, hip hop, jazz and I think there is a kitchen sink somewhere in that mix. 

Currently, Free Moral Agents are on tour, and they will be making a stop in Chicago on October 28 at Beauty Bar. Check out the track "Dragon Prow" below. You can stream the entire album from their website.

Free Moral Agents - "Dragon Prow" by Some Kind of Awesome

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