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"Make a Difference": Mentoring | Sasha Brown with City Year

There's a new program in Milwaukee that's helping kids do well in school. City Year is a service program that organizes young leaders and puts them to work in schools and communities around the country and internationally.

In this audio piece we follow Sasha Brown, originally from Madison, who decided to join the City Year team after she graduated college.

She was a little nervous when she first started, but as you'll hear, she opened up after she was hand picked by a student who was seeking some extra help. 

Students at South Division High School. City Year corp members are in the red jackets.

City Year is unique in that it allows young people to help other young people. They call it the "near-peer" relationship. The City Year workers, known as corp members act as tutors, mentors and role models for middle and high school students. Because they are close in age to the students they help, corp members are sometimes in a better position to relate the students.

If you're interested in working with City Year, check out the website for their Milwaukee branch here.