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"Make A Difference": Volunteering | After School Fun At Hope House

Listen: After a week off for our Fall Membership Drive, we jump back into new Make A Difference pieces. All week, we'll be hearing more stories of volunteers and mentors in our community and we begin with an afternoon spent hanging out with some wonderful young people.

Located in Walker's Point, Hope House of Milwaukee serves their community in a number of ways, from their emergency shelter to their transitional living services to their role as a community center. So, I checked out the after school program, which serves kids from their shelter as well as youth from the surrounding area.

When I arrived, there wasn't much commotion -- the kids were on a dinner break. So while we waited for them to return, Harmony, a committed volunteer, shared some of her experiences working with Hope House (look for her story later this week!). And when they returned, I asked her to introduce me to their regular routine and some of the kids. Naturally, I recorded the results:

Moral of the story? More than anything, it's fun to hang out with kids -- I know I had a good time down at Hope House. So...

Volunteer with them! There are plenty of kids that are eager to hang out with somebody just like you.  You can learn more about their volunteer opportunities her e (these kids are part of the Shining Stars program).