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"Make A Difference": Volunteering | Larry and Tabari with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Listen: Last of three pieces from Big Brothers Big Sisters (if you missed the first two, spend some time with Rick & Mequon or Margaret & Bethany)! A few weeks ago, we heard about Harley-Davidson's Corporate volunteering program, where Harley donates a couple hours of their employee's time every week, allowing them to take on a volunteering opportunity (hear about what R eid and Valerie are doing with Junior Achievement). Larry is another Harley employee who takes advantage of this program, spending time with his little brother Tabari on a weekly basis at Mary McLeod Bethune Academy through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Kiontis (my little brother) and I found Larry and Tabari in the library, diligently hitting the books (they were actually doing some math problems -- inequalities to be exact). We chatted a bit about what they do together, and then hit the gym where we played a game of lightning. Meet Larry and Tabari:

Seeing as this is the last BBBS post, I want to leave with a short conclusion -- with each of these three pieces, I wanted to get across the fact that, yes, being a mentor is rewarding, but with these guys, it's also a good time. Realistically, we could have picked just about any match and had just as much fun. Why am I a Big Brother? I get to connect with what it's like to be a kid -- I have plenty of adult stuff to deal with on a daily basis and being a Big Brother is a chance to let go while at the same time making an impact in a young person's life. Not bad.

Want to volunteer with  Big Brothers Big Sisters? No time is better than the present -- they're smack dab in the middle of their "Match-A-Thon," which means they're trying to match 100 mentors to kids before the new year.  Become a Big Brother or Big Sister today!