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Hip Hop's Prehistoric Samples

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning here on 88NINE, we explore the world of sampling. Regardless of genre, era, or style, if the song uses a sample; we break the track down and connect the musical dots.

This week on 7 o'Clock Sample, we are looking back to one of Hip Hop's most soulful sextets... Jurassic 5.

In 2000, J-5 brought Hip Hop back to a place, that so many of us, needed it to go.  Beats, Rhymes, and FUN!  This new sound was catching the ears of music fans around the globe, and Jurassic 5 were able to bring many back to Hip Hop again.

Their album QUALITY CONTROL, brought together the best of Old School Emceeing, Turntable Tricks and B-Boy Breaks.

As is evident in the song Money Bars.



This song features more samples sources than any good DJ could ever site.  ( I'd be surprised if even Cut Chemist and Nu Mark could tell you all the records on this one. ) But I figured out a few...

Here is the main guitar loop...

From their 1974 album RUFUSIZED, it's Rufus and Chaka Kahn with "Somebody's Watching You"



Here is another interesting sample...



Ahh. That takes it back.

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