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Jurassic 5 goes to Brazil

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning here on 88NINE, we explore the world of sampling. Regardless of genre, era, or style, if the song uses a sample; we break the track down and connect the musical dots.

This week on 7 o'Clock Sample, we continue to explore the music of Jurassic 5, and this morning we are digging in Nu Mark's record crates.

Dj Nu Mark took the lead role in the group's 2006 release Feedback, after his partner Cut Chemist left the group to persue a solo career.  Many J-5 fans, ( myself included ) thought that Cut's absence from the crew would change the sound of the group.  In some ways it did, but in many ways Jurassic 5 gave us what we wanted.  Dope beats, clever raps, and funky breaks.

Nu Mark sampled a number of classic records for the Feedback album; including Al Green, Three Dog Night, Curtis Mayfield, and this Brazilian classic...

This track is to Brazil, what Wind Cries Mary is to rock.  So many artists have recreated and covered this tune.  Including Nu Mark.

Nu Mark reworked this Brazilian staple for his version of the song.

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