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"Make A Difference": Environment | Planting Flowers with Names in the Menomonee River Valley

Listen: Sherry Briscoe is a retired MPS teacher who taught art and mathematics at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. In recent years, she's become one of the Urban Ecology Center's ace education volunteers, which has not only given her a chance to teach again, but it's also been a wonderful learning experience. Beyond the new subject matter, Sherry is stepping into world of teaching using hands-on experience and discovery.

While my interview with Sherry veered in all sorts of fascinating directions, I felt like nearly every theme we touched upon can be found somewhere in this story. Listen as Sherry guides a school group in a lesson about wild flowers in the Menomonee Valley:

Also, listen to an audio piece with Sherry's charming husband Tom and his experiences as a handyman/bus driver!

Volunteer with the Urban Ecology Center!  Learn more about them at their website. Also, you can  get involved with one of their many volunteer opportunities! Finally, you should just go and check them out in person either at their  Riverside Park or Washington Park locations -- they're very welcoming people.