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"Make A Difference": Mentoring | B.J. and Jackie Meet With Sponsor A Scholar

Listen: Sometimes meeting new people is easy -- however, talking to them isn't always so simple. What if your interests don't align at all? What if your thoughts and ideas all mutually misfire? What if? For Jackie and BJ (whose trip to the Renaissance Faire to check out some Extreme Jousting we heard from earlier in this campaign), that was absolutely not the case. While they both came into the Sponsor A Scholar program with a standard dose of trepidation, when they got to talking, they immediately found comfort and excitement in each other. 

In this audio piece, we hear a quick genealogy of the relationship Jackie and BJ have found in each other through the YMCA's Sponsor A Scholar program. They started with a mutual interest in dog walking, and while we talked Jackie's dog in Enderis Park, we got into the rest of their relationship:>

To learn more about the YMCA's Mentoring efforts,  check out this page. And they're certainly in need of mentors for both Sponsor A Scholar as well as their One on One program --  sign up today!