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"Make A Difference": 2010 Election | 100% Voter Turn Out & Losing or 30% Voter Turn Out & Winning?

Listen: There's no ambiguity surrounding how I feel about your involvement in the upcoming election -- I want you to research the candidates and vote on November 2nd. In fact, I've even gone as far as tracking down other folks who have a similar message, lending them a platform and letting them have at it.

Without exception, each interviewee gave me an impassioned account of why an abstract listener should vote. I was totally satisfied with these answers, but I wanted them to dig a little deeper, so I asked "if somebody disagrees with your personal politics, why do you still think it's important that they vote?" Evan Gorelick, a member of the League of Conservation Voters, gives it a shot:

What an interesting idea -- would you rather lose with 100% voter turn out or win with 30%? That question, regardless of the final answer, certainly caused me to take a nice long pause to think.

Vote on Tuesday, November 2nd! If you need any encouragement to get to the polls, keep checking back on our website and airwaves this week for that extra push. And if you have questions about where to vote on November 2nd, check out our Simplest Milwaukee Election Guide .