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"Make A Difference": 2010 Election | Be Heard or Be Quiet on November 2nd

Listen: Do you tweet, facebook, update, blog, livejournal, or find some other verb to broadcast your thoughts into the collective cyber-consciousness? If your answer is 'yes,' take a moment and consider a question that you may not ask too often. 'Why?'

While each individual probably has their own unique reasons (that's the point, right?), the crux of every answer probably boils down to something like an equivalent to this statement: 'I want to be heard.' Now, let me ask you a question -- are you planning on voting?

In this piece, Jeff Rusinow, a member of the League of Conservation Voters, considers the relationship between social media and exercising our right to vote:

Funny enough, I'd considered this exact idea earlier during the primaries and Jeff brought it back to my attention. In the next week, I'm going to pour a lot of energy and words and audio into convincing folks to vote on November 2nd, but I'll also make this suggestion too -- if you're not planning on voting, don't use your energy on social media either. Be heard or be quiet on November 2nd.