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"Make Milwaukee": 2010 Election | Get Hungry To Vote

Listen: Just two years after the 2008 Election, an event that seemed to grip the entire nation's consciousness, a major narrative of this election cycle is an apparent lack of voter enthusiasm. Motivating folks to get out to the polls has been a struggle this go around.

So what can be done? Well, if you're an eligible voter, you can get yourself to the polls as well as encouraging your sphere of influence to do the same. Let's all do our part. Need an extra spark to get you there? Evan Gorelick, a member of the League of Conservation Voters, discusses how his involvement in the 2008 Election has him chomping at the bit for the 2010 General Election:

Get hungry to make a difference. Then feed.

Vote on Tuesday, November 2nd! If you need any encouragement to get to the polls, keep checking back on our website and airwaves this week for that extra push. And if you have questions about where to vote on November 2nd, check out our Simplest Milwaukee Election Guide .