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Don't Sleep On (2011 Edition) | UK's Little Comets

Well 2010 is coming close to an end, and that means it the season of 'best of' lists.  So I decided to something different and focus on the upcoming year.  So between now and the end of January, I will share with you artists that you watch out for in 2011. I'm going to kick it off with an amazing band out of the UK by the name of Little Comets.

When I first heard their single "Joanna" (via hypem), I was blown away. I think I played at least 4 times in a row.  The best way to describe the band's music is to  think a soulful Supergrass with a pinch of Vampire Weekend.  I did some digging and they will be releasing their debut release "In Search Of Elusive Little Comets" on January 31, 2011 on Dirty Hit Ltd. Before their deal with Dirty Hit Ltd., Little Comets were signed to Columbia records and were supposed to release an album. Lucky for us, that a smaller label saw something really special in the band. So definitely don't sleep on the Little Comets in 2011, you will regret it.

Check out the video for the song "Joanna" that blew me way.


Listen and download the stripped down version of "Joanna" called "Joannaccapella"

Little Comets - Joannacapella by Mud Hut Digital




This was their first single "Isles", which is only available in the UK right now. 


Here is "One Night In October" that was originally released back in 2008.




Description. "Adultery" is the latest single of the young band from Newcastle Little comets.

Role. Art Director.

Client. Produced by Flynn productions for the artist Little Comets.

Contributors. Nick Frew: direction.
Augusta Akerman and Kanitha Mairaing.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee