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"Meet The Need": Day 25 of 50 | Safety For Families In Milwaukee

Listen: On Day 25 of 50, we spend the day with the Sojourner Family Peace Center -- creating peaceful communities in which domestic respect and a life free from violence is the right of every woman, man and child. 

Angela Mancuso, their co-executive director, brings us inside their work:

-Angela started at the Sojourner Truth House in their fund raising department -- she understood the importance of the work, but had yet to see it first hand. She shares some reflections from first experience entering the shelter:

-Exactly what does a victim of domestic violence look like? And where does it come from?

-Many of the organizations we've heard from are occupied with responding to problems, but they also recognize the importance of prevention and education. Angela shares how the Sojourner Truth Family Center starts their prevention program with children:

-A child came to them who exhibited aggressive behavior and was having difficulty in school. Through a clever activity, the folks at Sojourner Family Truth Center got him to think about his safe space:

-Volunteer opportunities play a big role in their work -- Angela on the impact of volunteers at Sojourner Family Truth Center:

This year, we ask you to adopt one or two organizations that connect with you. Want to get involved with Sojourner Family Peace Center? Donate, volunteer, or check out their work yourself. And you can start with their website.