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"Meet The Need": Day 28 of 50 | BASICS

Listen: It's Day 28 of 50 in Meet The Need -- we spend the day with Brothers and Sisters In Christ's Service (BASICS). They're a mission agency attempting to connect resources to where they’re needed the most through a broad range of programs. In the four pieces below, Mike Moses, Director of Operations, introduces us to four very different facets of their work:

-Mike shares the story of how BASICS was founded, going from concern about our community to action:

-A lot of us have a good deal of stuff that we don't need -- BASICS works to connect what people don't need with the people who need it, including other organizations like Family House:

-Part of their mission includes educating folks about problems in our community -- Mike on modern day slavery:

-Mentoring and bible study help a young man focus and stay on the right path:

This year, we ask you to adopt one or two organizations that connect with you. Want to get involved with BASICS? Donate, volunteer, or check out their work yourself. And you can start with their website .