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"Meet the Need": Day 30 of 50 | All about Relationships

Many of the organizations we’ve been covering for Meet the Need this year help people with the basics: food, clothing and shelter. But we also try to include groups that help with other essential needs. Today we focus on The Center for Self Sufficiency. At its core, the CFSS helps people get along.

Everybody has some type of relationships; whether it be with co-workers, family or a loved one. The CFSS is all about creating and maintaining healthy relationships. The CFSS has found that many people simply don’t have the skills to carry on healthy relationships. And the people who may be in unhealthy relationships don’t always recognize them for what they are.

The CFSS works with other organizations in the area, like schools and churches, and runs programs for youth and adults. Their youth program focuses on preventing teen pregnancy and their adult programs work to create and maintain healthy marriages.

We recently spoke with Program Director Jeanette Stevens about how CFSS is helping people  relate to one another.

Here Jeanette talks about their adult program and how they help people recognize an unhealthy relationship:

In this piece, Jeanette shares a story of a young woman who was in an unhealthy relationship and through classes at CFSS was able to see her mistakes and eventually become a good example for other girls in the program:

The CFSS is always on the look out for some extra help. They have a variety of volunteer options, Jeanette has the details: