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Bring It Up Jazzy Jeff

This month on 7 o'clock Sample we are exploring the music of the late great godfather of soul, James Brown.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of songs have sampled James Brown.  So we have plenty of music to pick from.

Today we are going to explore James 1967  album LIVE AT THE APOLLO II. 

The album was  a follow-up to Brown's very successful 1963 recording, Live at the Apollo. The full recording of what was captured was remastered and re-released in 2003.  Many of the songs on this album have been re-issued on other James Brown collections.  This morning's track " Bring It Up ( Hipsters Ave )" has been featured in many James Brown Hits collections.  It's also been sampled by many artists.

Spoonie Gee, Gangstarr and DJ Jazzy Jeff are among those who have sampled this track.

Jazzy Jeff's track "Jeff N' Fess" was a nod to the 1989 Gangstarr classic "Manifest".  Jeff's 2007 release RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT featured an all star cast of Hip Hop stars, like CL Smooth, Method Man, De La Soul, and on this track Rhymefest.

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