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James Brown's Secret Popcorn Break

All this month on the 7 o'clock sample we have been celebrating music's number one sample source... JAMES BROWN.  

The deeper you dig into James' catalog, the more you realize that he truly is the godfather of soul, Hip Hop, and funk music.  He set the blue print for all of these styles of music.  His arrangement would loosely follow the rules of Jazz, but in a new way that we had not heard before James.

In 1969, Brown recorded a live gig, and released it on King records.

The album's instrumental tracks played by the legendary James Brown Band of the late 60s – the pre-JBs ensemble that's gone onto have possibly even more funky influence than the Godfather's combo in the 70s! James plays organ on the set – and supposedly a bit of guitar and drums!  Speaking of drums, the drums are the focus of today's sample.

Take a listen to the drum solo on the instrumental SOUL PRIDE at about 3:20...



OOOOH WE!  That is one funky drum solo.

I'm not the only one who think that.  In 1994, the Digable Planets grabbed up this drum break for their sophomore album BLOW OUT COMB.

Check out the drum on the song " 9th Wonder".


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