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DO Believe The Hype

" YES! Was the start of my last jam." A hip hop quotable from one of the genre's best MCs, Chuck D.  There are few groups who brought the raw uncut funk of James Brown into rap, in the way Public Enemy did.  The late 80s and early 90s saw James Brown's collection sampled, and re-sampled, and then sampled again.  It was almost boring after a while.  But the Bomb Squad ( the production team behind the first few Public Enemy albums ), had a way of layering James and other funk artists to create a powerful and raw Hip Hop sound.

In 1988, P.E. released their 2nd studio album IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK.  This album is a Hip Hop classic.  With tracks like "Bring The Noise", "Louder Than A Bomb" and "Don't Believe The Hype"...



What a great track!  The Bomb Squad production team of Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee, Chuck D, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler and Gary G-Wiz grabbed up a lot of James Brown records through out the years they made beats for Public Enemy.  This track has two James Brown samples...

#1 "Ants In My Pants" for some guitars riffs...



#2 "Escapism" for some Maceo Sax squeals....


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