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The Best Milwaukee Bandcamp Releases of 2010

The Best of 2010 lists are full and in effect.  So I thought I will do a little twist on the best of 2010 lists by featuring some of the best Milwaukee music that was released via Bandcamp. Bandcamp has become a major distributor of independently released music in 2010. Bandcamp make it very easy to share and embed music on websites. The site makes it very easy for any artist or band to release and distribute their music on the internet. The list consists of music from almost every genre.  I selected these release by using the Milwaukee tag on the Bandcamp site.  Some of the artists in this list our natives of Milwaukee, but have recently moved to another list. The list is in alphabetical order.  If I miss any Milwaukee bandcamp releases, please leave a link in the comment section below.

1. Adoptahighway - "I Can't Remember"



2. All These Runners - "Rise Run Fall Sleep"



3. At Latl - "Safe, Sound and Temporary"



4. AUTOMatic - "Transistor"



5. Blessed Feathers - "Blessed Feathers"



6. Conrad Plymouth - "Conrad Plymouth"



7. Dana Copafeel - "The Feature"



8. Def Harmonic - "Figs"



9. Eric & Magill - "All Those I Know"



10. Fahri - "Perfect Present"



11. Faux Fir - "Faux Fir"



12. Fever Marlene - "The Way We Broadcast"



13. Frankie Flowers - "Big Bad Wolf"



14. Grimace - "Lounge: Cakes Tres Leches"



15. Haz Solo x Signif - "The Transition Remixes"



16. Haz Solo x theOtherside - "Laundry Day"



17. Horse Force - "Hypestep" (Milwaukee dubstep)



18. Jonathan Burks - "Red Pulpy Mess"



19. KingHellBastard - "On The Blvd Of Layton"



20. KingHellBastard - "Remember The Name EP"



21. Klassik - "Death Of A Beatmaker EP"



22. Lymntylst - "Wolfgang Amadeus Gruvis" (Phoenix remix album)



23. Mixmasta D - "Turntable Scientist EP"


24. Nom De Rap - "Greatest Hits Volume 1"


25. Pezzettino - LubDub


26. Plight Of A Parasite (formerly The Figureheads) - "Plight Of A Parasite"


27. Que - "Can't Keep Running Away"


28. Testa Rosa - "II"


29. The Delta Routine - "Ain't Worth Your Wait"


30. The Demix - "Volume"


31. The New Loud - "Can't Stop Knowing"


32. The Vitrolum Repbulic - "For Highbrow Sideshows and Rowboat Serenades"


33. Tonye Dabipi - "The Intrepid EP"


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