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88Nine Producer Adam Carr Hostage Update

Another day goes by and our producer Adam Carr is still be held by kidnappers, and no word about his whereabouts.  Recently, we found out the kidnappers are planning a ransom for Adam Carr, but as you know, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee does not negotiate with terrorists or kidnappers.  

After we watched the video, we realized that Adam has escaped his captors, or someone else grabbed him.  We do have some leads to suspects, which I will post on our twitter page at @radiomilwaukee.  Watch the video below, and see if you have any ideas who these horrible people are, and who could do this to such a lovable and quirky producer with a great taste in shoes.

We also found out that Adam's brother, who  is currently in Dubai, is offering to pay any ransom to get his brother back. We hope it doesn't have to come to that.