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"Make Milwaukee": Two Code Warriors, Battling Each Other and the Clock

Listen: For this year's Make Milwaukee campaign, we're delving headlong into our cities creative community. Accordingly, it's important that we consider who's calling themselves 'creative' and what they mean when they use the term.

Since the rise of the internet and web technology, a new class of folks are calling themselves "creatives." Working in a oftentimes highly technology-driven environment, programmers, developers, designers, and web-folk of all kinds have proudly adopted the word, moving it away from a more traditional 'fine-arts' version of the term.

How do creativity and problem solving fit together? To explore this idea a bit, we staged our very own 88Nine RadioMilwaukee code-off between Romke De Haan and Gibeaut, both with affiliations to Spreenkler. If you're not sure what "code-off" means, it's explained in the piece:

(It doesn't always shine through as brightly as it could, but I'm a pretty big nerd -- this piece was really fun to put together.)