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Green Bay Won And Now It Is Time To Collect From Pittsburgh's WYEP, And We Need Your Help!

Nothing can be sweeter than Green Bay Packers' victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 45. Except, collecting on a bet with Pittsburgh radio station WYEP.  Last week before the game, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee made a little wager with Pittsburgh radio station WYEP.  If Green Bay wins, WYEP will have to put some Milwaukee music into rotation for a month. If Pittsburgh wins, 88Nine would have do the same with Pittsburgh music.  

It seems now after the dust has settled from the Super Bowl, WYEP will have the pleasure of exposing their Pittsburgh audience to some great Milwaukee Music.  However, we haven't decided what Milwaukee song to send WYEP. So we need your help.  In the comment section below, enter your choice for Milwaukee song that should go into the rotation at WYEP in Pittsburgh.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee