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Listen And Download "Fresh" New Music From Milwaukee's AUTOMatic

I just received a new track from Milwaukee's AUTOMatic in my inbox today from JC Poppe. The track is called "Fresh" and it features Brooklyn based, Milwaukee native Signif.

To continue the buzz gained by the 2010 release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album Transistor, AUTOMatic is releasing a new single called "Fresh Dressed" that features the dope NYC hip-hop artist Signif.  This song is being released in advance of Transistor: The Last Broadcast, a project that will finish up the W.H.O.M. storyline, which will be released in the middle of this year.

Don't forget you can catch AUTOMactic at the 4th annual RadioMilwaukee Music Awards at the Wherehouse on Thursday, February 17. 

AUTOMatic - "Fresh" featuring Signif ( download)

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee