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"Make Milwaukee": Drumline at Reagan!

Listen:  Reagan High School's young and eager music department is looking to reach any kid with musical impetus, whether that spark be found within the traditional classroom environment or not. They're molding interest and talent in structured environments that feel familiar to their students.

And I happened to connect with a young program at Reagan that's a perfect example of that idea -- drum line!

I'm a proud product of Milwaukee Public Schools myself, and was incredibly happy with all the opportunities I was given, but I definitely felt a tinge of jealousy as I saw all the amazing opportunities the teachers are giving their students at Reagan. The kids wanted a drum line, so they figured out a way to make it happen:

I love the way the students speak about their young drum line program -- they're responding to the opportunity to strap on the drums and put together cadences, but they're also thinking about how the program will grow. It'll take a few years for the program to fully flesh itself out, but when that time comes, look out for Reagan!