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R.E.M. Is Putting REM Back Into REMix With A New Contest

In March, R.E.M. will be releasing their latest album "Collapse Into Now."  To create a little buzz for the release, the band is holding a remix competition.   Anyone with a computer and some simple music software like Apple's Garageband can take part in this audio contest.  

R.E.M. is asking fans to remix their single "It Happened Today." They posted both Garageband files and AIFF files of the multitrack session for a download.  Once you finish your 'masterpiece' just uploaded it to R.E.M.'s dropbox on Soundcloud. There are already several submissions on the page to check out all the remixes.  Here is one of them below.

It Happened Today (Outdoors Pavilion) by franparera

IHT_ Feb10-3 mix by atrax

If you decide to partake in the competition, let us know and we will post your remix on our site.

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