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"Make Milwaukee": Emmitt, Heaven's Favorite

Listen: There are plenty of classes, groups, and organizations at Reagan High School that grabbed my attention (check out their Drumline or their beautiful white-walled art gallery) -- the school and its teachers keeps the creative kids pretty busy. And in that sea of imaginative and talented students, there was one they insisted I speak with. They told me his name was Emmitt and that he does spoken word, music, and is just generally talented.

So, while Emmitt had some free time during the school day, we sat down in a small music studio at Reagan and spoke about creativity, art, and his music:

As you heard, Emmitt is incredibly sharp -- his answers had a very distinct style to them and the music he's producing is legit. Here's the full version of his track  Life's Composition:

I'm sure we'll hear more from Emmitt in the future. And to learn more about the teacher he mentioned, Adam Murphy, check out what he's doing in his Composition Technology class.