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And The Winners For The 4th Annual RadioMilwaukee Music Awards Are...

Today is the big day.  We just announce most of the award winners for the 4th annual RadioMilwaukee Music Awards.  Later tonight we will announce "Band Of The Year", "Best Benefit Show", and "Milwaukee Music Ambassador."   

Best Disc We Missed:

Winner: ¡OYE! - IN MY MIND 

Stagediver - Imaginary Dystopian Future Wars
Raze - Living in Technocolor
Micah Olsan - Off-beat Clappers and Hip Toe Tappers

Saturday Session of the Year

Winner: DJ SLYM

DJ KENNY PEREZ Halloween Edition
Horse Force
Why B   

Blog of the Year

Winner: Muzzle of Bees -

Music in Revolt -
Milwaukee UP -
Seizure Chicken -
Milwaukee Jazz -

Best Music Video

Winner: Fatty Acids - "Astrovan"



Kings Go Forth - "One Day"
Jaill - "The Stroller"
Kid Cut Up - "A Good Day Under The Bridge"
Pezzettino - "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

Most Memorable Live Show:

Winner: Prophetic at Summerfest

The Celebrated Workingman on Milwaukee Boat Line
Jaill at The Riverside for New Year's Eve
Unlooped kick-off show: Jeanna Salzer, Nick Sanborn, Rory Sazama and Lorn
 I'm Not A Pilot CD Release Show at Whiskey Bar

Best CD Artwork:

Winner: Faux Fir - "Faux Fir"



I'm Not A Pilot - "Need Money For Rocket Fuel"
Wildbirds - "Sunshine Blues"
Pezzettino & LMNtylst - "LubDub"
At Latl - "Safe Sound Temporary"

Catchiest Song of the Year:

Winner: Herman Astro - "Sambawete"

I'm Not A Pilot - "Bottle Rocket"
Wildbirds - "Like A Cigarette"
Kings Go Forth - "I Don't Love You No More"
Fresh Cut Collective - "Bumble Bee"

Solo Artist of the Year:

Winner: Ethan Keller

Paul Cebar
Frankie Flowers
Chris Demay   

Song of the Year:

Winner: Wild Birds - "Like A Cigarette" - Sunshine Blues

Ethan Keller - "Keep On Lovin" - Profit
 Herman Astro - "Sambawete" - Herman Astro
Jaill - "The Stroller" - That's How We Burn
Automatic - "Higher " - Transistor

Album of the Year:

Winner: Kings Go Forth - "Outsiders Are Back"

Mike Mangione and the Union - "Offering"
I'm Not A Pilot - "Need Money For Rocket Fuel"
Wildbirds - "Sunshine Blues"
Herman Astro - "Herman Astro"

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee