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"Make Milwaukee": Creativity Attracts Talent

Listen: Today, we're exploring an idea that stems from the Creativity Works! study; a vibrant, diverse creative community doesn't just have some sort of abstract merit -- it's magnetic. While the world may be flat in some respects, when it comes to creativity, communities tend to be spiky. What do I mean by that? Talented folks of all stripes want to be around spikes of creativity, cities with a concentration of culture and excitement. 

In this piece, we hear an illustration of that point -- locally-based law firm Whyte, Hirschboeck and Dudek was looking to recruit Ricky Benjamin, a young, talented lawyer working in Colorado. Milwaukee certainly wasn't his only option, but he liked what he saw:

Another part of Ricky's choice I mostly edited out of the piece -- he loves the Midwestern personality of the city, how open and warm and unassuming folks are here here in Milwaukee. So, if you happen to bump into Ricky on the street (see below) pass along a warm smile and "welcome to your new home!"