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Milwaukee's Faux Fir and Fatty Acids Release Spilt EP For A Free Download

Two of Milwaukee's most interesting bands, Faux Fir and The Fatty Acids, released a spilt EP a few days ago on bandcamp.  The name of the two-song EP is called Fat Fauxmance and it is available for a free download

We have released a split EP with our cosmic bretheren, Faux Fir. They are our best friends. They have nestled us in their metaphorical arms (their real arms are busy), much like Greg Jennings nestles a newly-wrestled pigskin to his rippling bosum. Fat Fauxmance was recorded in 72 hours at SpaceShip GoodTimes by Ryan Weber. Now I ain't gonna give you a quiz nerd, but Ryan's a real wizard. Download two of the songs from Fat Fauxmance here. In other news, we are going to be recording a new album soon. It's going to be even stupider than that other stupid one. Jan Terri's "Journey to Mars" is a candidate for a hidden track. We'll see. 


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