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Sound Travels on PBS!

Well, it ain't exactly Sound Travels, but it is world music and it most definitely hitting a TV screen near you. Starting just a few weeks back (January 25th),  PBS has started a new world music show called  Soundtracks: Music Without Borders.



If you missed the early going or prefer to watch shows online, they’ve got the pilot episode online. Along with telling the story of Fela’s Afrobeat, seen in the clip above, the reporters find out what’s behind a pop-inspired Putin propaganda song, and asks an internationally-known Kazakh violinist why he would ask Borat’s (Sasha Baron Cohen) brother to write a symphony for the country.

Stuff like this needs your support however, so watch the show, and please comment on it here so that PBS knows where to go with it. It seems that the show is in a form of TV beta, which means they'll actually start the series next year, provided the public wants it. You know how I feel about it, so check it out...





Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee