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Melissa Czarnik on 414 Music | March 1, 2011


Today on 414 music, Melissa Czarnik joins us for an exclusive recording, showcasing songs off of her new album "Raspberry Jesus"


Melissa Czarnik (Zar-Nik) is one of the most soulful and articulate emcees to emerge in recent years. Her captivating style is a mix of potent poetry, soulful hip hop and improvisatory jazz. After receiving critical acclaim for her debut album "Strawberry Cadillac" (2008), she recently released her sophomore album "Raspberry Jesus" (2010) on Hyperdrive Motivator Productions out of Milwaukee. The new album is further evidence that Melissa has grown into a versatile songwriter with an impeccable flow, her voice is exacting and heartfelt. Backed by the five-piece "Eric Mire Band", her live show absorbs audiences with a fruitful blend of hip hop, jazz & soul. Mixing her interests in poetry and Hip Hop, Czarnik's lyrics exemplify artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and Ani Difranco. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee