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New Milwaukee Record Label Specializing In Rare & Unreleased Golden Era Hip Hop

There is now a new Milwaukee indie record label that specializes in Hip Hop. It is not just any type of Hip Hop, but rare & unreleased hip hop from the Golden Era.  The name of the label is Dope Folks Records and it was started by John Kuester aka Kid Millions and Chris Schulist.  The label has been around for a few months now and have released 5-12 inch records. One of those releases includes Milwaukee artists Stranj Child & Rock La Flow.  

"This record is INCREDIBLE!!! It's crazy that La Flow never blew up, blame it on location. If this came out of New York back in the day, it would make every classics list. We like to call it Milwaukee's ILLMATIC. None of this material has ever seen the light of day, until NOW!!!"  -Dope Folks Records

You can either other the limited edition vinyl records, or go 21st century by purchasing digital releases via their Bandcamp page. In addition to the releases, the label also host parties on the last Saturday of the month at Stonefly Brewery in Riverwest.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee