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"Make Milwaukee": Milwaukee's Very Own... Los Zebras!

Listen: The interviews for our creative campaign have taken me to all kinds of settings -- stages, galleries, studios, schools, labs, garages, street corners. Each locale has its own advantages and drawbacks, but I have to say, my favorite of all is the dining room table with a cup of coffee and nothing to rush the conversation.

And that is exactly where I met Taiko Maria Hessler and Emiliano Lake-Herrera, a young married couple that also happen to have another affiliation with each other -- they are the mighty, enchanting Los Zebras!

Los Zebras is their young band, specializing in both Mexican border music and classic American folk music. Hear their origin story, which takes us from folk records in the living room to a big ol' family picnic to music lessons from to border hi-jinx in Tijuana and back to Milwaukee again (whew!):

I really like the equation Emiliano presented -- if you need a name for your Norteño band, take where you're from, the awesome stuff you do, and then some power animal... and BAM! There you have it. (If you are so inclined, please post your very own Norteño band name in the comment section -- I'll start.)

Also! As things turn out, Emiliano is also a talented visual artist -- check out the pictures below to see some of his awesome pieces arranged around their house: