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Sound Traves to SXSW

A busy week here at 88Nine with almost half of the staff down at SXSW; and even though Tarik, Adam and Ben are there getting into all kinds of great shows, they can't get to them all. If I was there, you know I'd be all over the world music that is being showcased throughout Austin. That said, even though I am clearly in Wisco riding out the last of the arctic roughness, I still got a chance to peep a bunch of artists performing down in Austin and found some incredible music to share with you here...

Revolver "Parallel Lives" Parallel Lives EP

Revolver are a band from France that clearly has got a thing for mid-period Beatles, as you can tell from their name choice. And listening to their music is enough to know that the influence clearly comes from the Fab Four. And though there are few who can touch them, Revolver does a decent job; sounding very nice though their similarity to the Beatles is only fleeting. They do have some exceptional harmonies and their melodic sense is fairly heady. If I were at SXSW, I definitely would've caught this show...

Nubla "Saipan" Saipan

Barcelona's Nubla is another artist to watch. Her music is subtle, nuanced and charmingly moody. I can only wish I knew more about this artist from Spain's Catalan region, her site is in Spanish only and thin on details in any case.  On her new album, her sophomore release, we find the artist expanding her palette of sounds and building songs of incredible beauty.

Gepe "Por La Ventana" Audiovision

Daniel Riveros, known as  Gepe, is a Chilean singer-songwriter. He has released three solo albums in addition to one album as a member of the band Taller Dejao. He has been described as the "new 'guru' of Chilean folk" for combining the sensibilities of the Nueva Cancion movement of the 1960s and 1970s Chilean folk (especially the music of Victor Jara) with a minimalist, electropop sound. You can hear that sensibility loud and clear on this cut off of his latest album...

Chico Trujillo "Loca" Chico de Oro

Chico Trujillo is Chile's most prominent Cumbia band. They are the soundtrack to every party from Santiago to Valparaiso. They can fill stadiums, have played with legends Los Tres and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Their mixture of classic cumbia and hints of rock and ska has assured them audiences from every generation and every walk of life. And yet, like most great world music acts, you've probably never heard of them. Hopefully, SXSW remedies this and they come to the U.S. to tour next time. I for one, will be there and you should too. Don't believe me? Check that song again.

Quadron "Alright Still (DJ Slym Remix)" 

Quadron, the Danish band that Tarik and I ended up talking about, is one that you should already know from their songs here at 88Nine. What you may not know is that the band had a remix contest and DJ Slym, a Saturday Session veteran, put in a hot version of his own that if I'm not mistaken did quite well with the band and so I thought I'd share it with y'all here...

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