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Release the Robot

This past week I discovered that my son's new favorite "band" is Daft Punk.  This is very good news for me and our car trips this summer.  I've ben a big Daft Punk fan for years now, and while they are not the newest duo on the electronic scene, their catalog still sounds as fresh as ever.

I wanted to take him back through the Daft discography, so we listened to the Human After All album.

One of my favorites on the album is ROBOT ROCK.



Oh we that's a jam.  The one of the best Daft Punk videos too.

This song is much less impressive when you hear the original source.  ( Or perhaps you may be more impressed with the simplicity of the sampling. ) Either way, here is the original.  It's by Breakwater and was featured on their 1980 album Splashdown.

Here is "Release The Beast".


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