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Be Heard: Milwaukee Rep's BOMB-ITTY OF ERRORS

"There were two sets of identical twins all at once

Two big healthy boys and two little runts

M.C. E had never been good at choosin' names

So without much thought he named two pairs the same . "

This morning, Jordan had two cast members from the Milwaukee Rep's production of THE BOMB-ITTY OF ERRORS on the morning drive to talk about this unique and fun show.

Elizabethan lyricism meets millennial microphone mastery in this hip-hop retelling of MC Willy Shakespeare’s hilarious farce, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS. Two sets of identical twins (separated at birth yo), complicate each other’s lives, confuse their wives and wreak havoc on the peaceful ’hood of Ephesus.

Whether you know nothing about Shakespeare – or you’re a member of the Bard’s inner posse – this is pure, infectious fun! This spectacular tongue-twisting celebration of language moves to a fresh new beat.  

Here's a video from the show...

To find out more, take a listen to Jordan's interview with Wayne and Steve.

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