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"Make Milwaukee": Community Arts and Funk Festival Presents - Freddie and Manty pt. 2

Listen: We continue our conversation with Milwaukee jazz legend Manty Ellis and longtime rock guitarist Freddie Lee, curated by the phenomenal Community Arts and Funk Festival! Yesterday, we heard how a music store almost brought them together years before our interview (in the end, nerves kept them apart). Today, they bring us back to their experiences on stage with a guitar -- through pure providence, their stories ended up being remarkably similar:

Pick up an instrument... find a stage to stand on... and PRESTO! If only it were that easy -- both Manty and Freddie have poured a lifetime of hard work into their craft. And on a personal note -- they have such different modes of communication, both in music and conversation, but I absolutely love the way Manty and Freddie's style complement each other.

Check back soon for the final installation of their conversation, where they discuss their favorite venue to play in their long careers in Milwaukee!