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Lily Loves Reggae

Earlier this week, Marcus and I were talking about sample discovery.  While there are many online resources one can use to find information on samples, there is no greater reward than making the discovery yourself.

While digging thought some early ska and reggae jams, Marcus told me he had found some Lily Allen samples.  I too had found a few on a Sunday afternoon of going through my old ska records.  I immediately decided that this week, we'd look into Lily's debut album ALRIGHT, STILL.

This album was produced by the great Mark Ronson, but the individual songs were carefully crafted by a number of producers.  The track LDN was produced by electronic production duo Future Cut.  



The Future Cut fellas grabbed up a Jamaican gem for this one.  Ska godfather and founding member of the Skatalites, Tommy McCook.  In the early 1970s, Tommy directed The Supersonics for Duke Reid, and backed many sessions for Bunny Lee or with The Revolutionaries at Channel One Studios in the 1970s. 

In 1970, the Supersonics cut a record called Reggae Meringue.



Sound familiar?

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