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New Documentary on Lee "Scratch Perry" To Be Released

If there is one name comes to mind when it comes to dub & reggae music, it has to be the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry.  He has worked with such legends as Bob Marlely and The Wailers, Max Romeo and other reggae giants.  So what better way to let the world know about the amazing influence that Perry had on reggae and music in general  by making a documentary.  A new film entitled "The Upsetter" tells the story of Lee "Scratch" Perry and his rise to an iconic figure in dub and reggae. 

The "Upsetter" charts 70 years in the life of Lee "Scratch" Perry in his own words through an exclusive interview given to American filmmakers Ethan higgle and Adam Bhala Lough in Switzerland in 2006. It is equally a documentation of 30 years of Jamaican music and culture as it is a study of one of the most creative and inspiring human beings. of all time.

The film is narrated by actor Benicio del Toro. Check out the trailer below.