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414 Music | Semi-Twang Live in the Studio | March 31, 2011

In 1988, “Salty Tears” by Semi-Twang was released with much praise and even landed the band a major label with Warner Brothers. whose Warner Brothers debut "Salty Tears" was hailed by critics as precursor of alternative country. 

Salty Tears has recently been covered in a ferocious way by rising Alligator Record's Michael Burke and exists somewhere in frustratingly unreleased form by the Queen of The Blues, Etta James. Also part of The R&B Cadets, Bob went on to play drums with Paul Cebar in several of the band's incarnations. In recent years, he has become a high ranked champion lawn bowler and in October of this year won the Men's Pairs US 2009 National Championships with Joe Zinna. ( link)

Join us today for 414 music with Semi-Twang and an exclusive live song performance.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee