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"Make Milwaukee": Alverno, Amtrak, and Fate

Listen: For this year's Make Milwaukee campaign, we've gone on an open-ended exploration of Milwaukee's creative community. It's brought us to hidden corners, familiar voices, new adventures and challenges to expand our idea of "creativity." Each and every week (and story) has been a testament to the vibrancy of our city's creative spark, and we end with a perfect capstone -- an exploration of Milwaukee's film community.

Film is an intensely collaborative medium, requiring a whole spectrum of talent from the artistic to the technical -- a great fit for the tone and tenor of our conversation. This week, the wonderful folks at Milwaukee Film partner with us to explore Milwaukee's burgeoning film community. Of course, this could never be a comprehensive document, but we hit a few spots that might give us a look inside some major themes.

For our first story, we meet Janet Fitch, award-winning film maker and owner of New Moon Productions. I first met Janet through her amazing work with  her three-part documentary series, Guns, Grief and Grace in America (more on that below). When we sat down for this interview, I asked her how she got her start in film making and she shared her beautiful story. Join Janet as she becomes a nervous undergrad at Alverno, rides the rails, and finds her path:

After she shared this story, Janet and I got into her powerful and moving Guns, Grief and Grace in America documentary. Listen to this uncut conversation: